Restaurant with rooms ''Zdravljak'' is located in the centre of spa Gornja Trepča near the spring of thermal mineral water. It is 159 km away from Belgrade and 19 km away from Cacak. Its average height above sea level is 460 m. The Gornja Trepca medical centre is situated in a quiet, peaceful, climatically pleasant and exceptionally beautiful ambient.

''Zdravljak'' has 4 bungalows with thermal water. It has the capacity of 32 beds in 16 double rooms, which can also be used as single or rooms with three beds. All the rooms have a direct phone line, terrace and private bathroom with thermal water. There is also a restaurant with 120 seats, where various cultural and enetertainment programs are organised during ''Letnji dani kulture'' (Summer days of culture).


The guests are offered a large variety of meals, grill and specialties of national cuisine. Mildly radioactive thermal mineral waters of this spa have active biological effect on the human organism. The water temperature is 29.8°C.

Medical indications: rheumatic diseases, neuro-psychiatric illnesses (multiplex sclerosis, post-myelitis and encephalomyelitis conditions, adhesive spinal arachnitis, post-rheumatic myelopathy, cerebral paralysis, mono and poly-neuritis, neuroses, neurasthenics, dystonic conditions, depressions), gastro-intestinal tract diseases, peripheral blood vessels diseases.


Restaurant with rooms ''Zdravljak'' , 32215 Gornja Trepča
Phone: +381 32/822-327, 822-328, 822-425
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